Competitive Overwatch Team




Today competitive Overwatch is releasing and with it new swap, gear, and bragging rights. This new mode will section off players based on their skill and achievements. To move forward and conquer this mode you will need a strong team to make a good standing. I would like to gauge interest in this new mode and attempt to make groups based on people’s goals and strengths. I understand that not everyone want to get to the top level or be a pro, but for those of us that do I would like to make a group to organize. Let me know your thought and if you are interested in making a team comment below.


It’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up.


You have my hook!


And you have my bow!


See, I’d be game rollin’ in the competitive circles with a group of people, but I’d be that casual guy who only has so much time available to contribute.

And in many circles, I’ve been called a scrub.

So there’s that.


I might be interested if you need a support.


Looking into getting competitive (Mainly play mercy or tracer) but honestly not level 25 yet. Also need people to play with in general, I recently cleared everyone out of my friendslist. add me? SloanSloth#1488




yea, watching the kill cams, that’s exactly what it’s like


I’m certainly not able to play competitively, but I would love to watch ya’ll play! Can anyone stream this?


I’m down to play tonight! Zarya FTW!


I should have included the addendum that my schedule is pretty packed between now and the end of the Houston meetup, so I won’t likely have a ton of time to commit until that point (out of town this weekend and next, among other responsibilities) :’(


I’m down. 9 or 10ish EST till midnight EST if you guys are playing then. Think i tried to friend everyone last night. names been added to the list and overwatch list. DarknesAngel#1658


I am down to be a competitive player. Sadly I am not available on Saturdays or Sundays. The rest of the week I am available after 6 pm EST. I did my comp placement matches solo and went 5/5… Won’t play again competitively until I have a few people to play with.