Conan Exiles - Open-World Survival Game

I’m not sure if any of you are interested in this game, but I’ve been obsessed with survival/build games lately. The early access for content creators begins tomorrow, but public access is next Tuesday.

This cinematic trailer was released recently and didn’t get much hype because it was just cinematics. But the developers have been streaming some content lately. Here’s a good example:

I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else was interested. My wife is about to pop out our second rugrat, so my gametime may be limited moving forward, but I am taking a bunch of time off after she’s born. I may be around for some late night stuff if I’m not busy catching up on sleep.


This looks really cool. I love the lighting. The darkness in the gameplay video is a bit terrifying, in a good way. The building aspects look awesome.

The only thing I’d say is I hope they improve the character animations a bit before launch.

I remember playing Age of Conan (which has nothing to do with this other than it’s Conan themed). Just thought I’d throw that in there.


Actually, both games are made by Funcom. So there is some relation.


Not sure how I missed that. The first MMO that I got religiously into was by Funcom, Anarchy Online.


Funcom makes some very unique games. Anarchy and Secret World both have interesting settings.

I’m not sure how I feel about Conan Exiles. Maybe I would play it on a private server or offline.


Great, another game I have to look at and wonder if I should throw money at (I’m also a total sucker for survival-esque games ;)).


This looks like it could be pretty good.

I see you playing that DST. You’re down with the survival!

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i’m big fan of Funcom, so much so that I accidentally/subconsciously designed my username logo to look just like theirs.

I’m definitely interested in a more private setting. Perhaps a strats whitelist server in the future? A good friend of mine that happens to be a pretty big time streamer these days in the world of RP and survival games will be playing it and probably having a whitelist server, so I might join him a bit there.

looks like streamers are playing today. bunch of big ones just logged in and created characters. first impression (after watching maybe 5 minutes) is that it’s very much like Rust, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.