Concerned about the status of the guild

So i have som concerns about how the guild is doing at the moment. what i am most concerned about is the lack of wanting to go elsewhere then harvesting farms and trade running. There is alot more to the game then that. i tried getting gha groups together but only 3 signed up for it and been trying to go to the halcyona battle with people and only a few people showed up and the hasla farming no one except 3 or so people come to get better weapons so we can do better faster dungeons or pvp. Please try and get out of your comfort zone and come join us in the hasla grind, dungeons, pvp etc.
for the love of god please suggest something to do except trade running and help pick your grapes.


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Something that came to light yesterday during @Vocino’s Mumble chats was the number of active ArcheAge guildmembers who aren’t overly active on the forums or in the community. I’d recommend putting a few feelers out through guild chat and on Mumble when you toss up a post to inform people where they can go to find these other in-game play options and such. I suspect there’re people interested in doing some of the other things, you may just have to let them know you’re reaching out here :wink:


Alright, I second Boomba’s as well.

Here are my overall arching opinions on why.

  1. There are other things to do other than farm that make this game fun.
  2. Its hard for people who want to run dungeons and do group pvp when there is no group.


  1. There are other things to do other than farm that make this game fun.
    First of all, I am not suggesting that farming is not fun. I am just saying that there are other events and activities that can make this game fun. Pvp,dungeons, and world bosses are among the many that I find fun but are hard to do since not everyone is interested.

2 . Its hard for people who want to run dunegons and do group pvp when there is no group.
I really want to do gha runs and pvp against the other faction. People are willing to do the dungeons and pvp, but they are not willing to put the time and effort to make those runs effective and fun. It is very hard to world pvp and do level 50 dungeons when there is not enough people who are geared or ready enough to take on the challanges of pvp and pve.

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If you want change then become the catalyst for it. There have been many times that I have brought up officer positions and the need for more content. I would love to see you guys step up and push this guild. We have the infastructure all you need to do is take advantage of our capabilities. If you need help pm me and I will facilitate communications /help out any way I can.


@Majordomo nailed it; after a brief glance through the ArcheAge category, there hasn’t been much of any activity in the last several days. The last post about a GHA run (the only one I could find) was from over a week ago. It may feel a bit tedious or difficult @Knight222 and @Boomba, but you’ve got to try multiple times and reinforce the desire to do these things. A single attempt just means there wasn’t a lot of interest, knowledge of, or availability for that one run. Consider trying to set up a scheduled block of time each week and poll the guild for interest and availability at various times. I’m sure @Majordomo will be more than happy to make sure your event makes it into the ArcheAge Newsletter to further-emphasize it.

Be the change you want to see :wink:


i have tried making stuff happen in game when people are online but 90% of the time im being greeted whit silence everywhere. not 10 min ago i asked if people was ready for gha in an hour and silence except for erku. im starting to feel like its because im european (jk). we try all the time in game to make people do stuff. so its not a matter of not trying we just dont post it on the forum. i think its time for other people to show some motivation to do stuff as a guild.

In that case, it might just be people playing the game differently. That’s the beauty (and tragedy) of MMO’s sometimes. I’d suggest you continue to persevere for the time being and ask your recruiter @Madik to amend the recruitment message to try and find some other, like-minded individuals to handle other aspects of the end-game.

Also, while PUGing can be about as fun as it sounds, it might afford you recruitment opportunities. You might end up in a group with an unguilded player or someone who’s not overly-fond of their current organization; that’s a chance for you to personally bring in the kind of players rocking the kind of content you want to do.

Don’t admit defeat too soon; it might take a spot of effort, but I have no doubt you lot over in ArcheAge have the capacity to tackle every aspect of that game and a community-level appeal most guilds only dream of :wink:

@Madik, let me know if you want/need any help looking over the recruitment message(s) you send out; I’d be more than happy to assist :wink:

@auth and @majordomo got it exactly right so no need to reiterate.

I would say though, if @Madik is the recruitment officer, he should be in contact with me, auth, Dino, and tommy. We can help him grow the ArcheAge guild. There has to be a two way communication though.

Some changes are in order and @zymora is aware. If nothing happens then ill bring the sledge hammer of change. Our recruitment its suffering and something needs to happen. If anyone is willing to step up on the recruiting department let me know asap. @madik has been afk due to real life stuff I believe so we will be looking into that.

Full disclosure: @Madik and I have spoken on multiple occasions regarding ArcheAge recruitment and he’s a regular poster in the weekly recruitment threads. I mentioned it only as an offer to help if he needed it; it seemed, to me, like perhaps this particular desire from within the guild hadn’t been overly-publicized and, as such, I doubt he’d have known or considered a rework of the recruitment message previously. I think he’s done an admirable job up to now :wink:

I know he keeps up with the posts and he Is a monster recruiter in game which is why he is the officer but he needs help in game for recruiting which is where we can gain allot of people.

A lot of times when I am playing a MMO I have a good idea of what I am doing before I even sit down and log on. We have been successful in other games by using the forums as a tool to plan for events. Once the Guild base understands that the forums are here, you guys will more then likely find it easier to synchronize your efforts.


this might make it seem like im blaming only the officers but thats not the case. im gonna wait and see if the officers in the guild take this post to heart and atleast try and make an effort putting stuff together and start recruting people. now i know its not only up to the officers to make a guild work BUT they play a huge role in it and as of lately i havent seen any effort in game or on the forums (i am assuming they know about the forums). right now i dont know how to recruit because we had a incident a while back with some people who chopped down some trees and now im confused about how the “rules” are for it. if someone would clarify how to i would be happy to get people to join.

@Boomba and @Knight222,

If I understand you two correctly, your concerns are that there is little pre-planning for guild events and when there are events there is little diversity? Also, There is not enough players coming in to support PvP and Dungeon runs, or rather you do not feel empowered to recruit said players?

Well I haven’t been on very often and that probably won’t change much with the new WOW expansion coming out. Even when I was still on a lot I wasn’t actively recruiting simply because I didn’t know what to tell people. The guild focus was changing and that’s fine, but I just haven’t picked it back up. And again that probably won’t change. One of the problems is (at least when I’ve been on recently) there’s only a few people on a lot and everyone just seems to be doing their own thing. So even if I was on a lot again I wouldn’t actively recruit. When we started and we were going to be pirates, that was easy, now I feel like we don’t have a focus. I know someone will chime in with our “focus”, but from a recruiting stand point, it’s probably weak. We’re doing what everyone else is and it’s not exciting. With all that said I have no problems if someone whose on a lot these days taking over the recruiter duty. I also have no problem continuing in that role and doing the weekly posts. But either way I don’t think we have any appeal to people looking for a guild.

Standby on any recruiting efforts for this week. I will have a conversation with @Zymora this week and we will work with the other Elders to get some of these recruitment issues ironed out.

well, one of my main tasks is to schedule events, basically create content for the guild. That is something that I truly do enjoy doing, but I’ve been so busy traveling for work that I haven’t really had a chance to get anything together the past couple of weeks.