Congrats Sw1shha!

Congrats to @Sw1shaaSweet for being the first guardian to solo VoG! Best Raider in the world!


Thanks so much dude! Shout out to all the people who watched the live stream on SwishaaDoesDestiny!


Whoa, it’s possible to solo? I thought it required teamwork and certain puzzles and such required multiple people.

Anyways, congrats!

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@NVS_1 Pretty sure they are just joking. In our raid we were joking about how next week we are going to be able to solo. Unless they are both temporarily or permanently insane.

It’s also a joke that spawned from running into people who are the best Pvp or PvE player. We seem to run into a decent amount of hubris and narcissism for some reason.

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Yea it’s not possible you need at least 3 people.

At least you are honest :stuck_out_tongue: I think one man actually defending the gates to open the raid would be an accomplishment enough

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Lol, alright, gotcha.

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Congrats man!