Considering cleaning out my PlayStation friends list



Has anyone attempted this? I have a lot of PlayStation friends. My plan is to start utilizing my PlayStation as more of the hub of my entertainment setup (moving from Apple ecosystem). With that, I’d like to trim my friends list a bit so I can get better and more relevant signal on recommendations and sharing.


Not since PS3 days. For me it’s fairly easy to know who I should keep around vs remove. If I remember correctly you can now add notes to people to hopefully make it easier to clean up.


No, but I’ve always contemplated it. I’ve got people in my friends list that I haven’t a clue about.


Outside of the small list I added back in my BF4 days, most everyone on my list is Strats, so cleanup for me would be a snap :wink:


Probably needs doing, I’ve got so many people on my list that I have no idea who they are.


I really wish Sony would introduce a means to put in player notes or some form of organization so I can add the person to a collective group to help me remember. I’m going to guess that some are from here & added me from the PSN list - problem is that’s all they’ve ever done.


I used to purge my friends list a lot, but now that I’m in two gaming communities, I’m worried that I’ll accidentally delete someone from one of those communities and hurt their feelings :anguished: