Considering the purchase

So I’ve been thinking about buying this game for a while now. I keep deciding to buy it, then changing my mind.

The last GTA I actually played was Vice City. I wasn’t really happy with the game, the missions didn’t capture my interest and my experience with the game devolved into mass murder, all out war with the police, and blowing up cars. This is all fun stuff, for a time, but it gets old fast. After that I basically just wrote off any new GTA titles without trying them.

I’ve heard good things about GTA V, and I’m wondering if you guys find the story engaging and fun. Also how is the multiplayer, is there something to keep you playing after finishing the story?

Any info or opinions are appreciated.


Here is the question I consider: “Is there any value to playing the story line?”

I have not played the story mode with the exception of the required portion to unlock multiplayer. I hear it is really good, you get to play through the story through the actions of three separate identities, each adding a different depth to the story. I’m sure I’ll play it one day… I’m just having to much fun in GTA Online.

The Online experience is awesome in my opinion. You can play through missions, compete in events or just plain goof off with your closest friends from Strats.

I know what you mean. I felt the same way. I have to say that doing this with friends is different all together. I’ve found myself running around blowing stuff up and getting chased by the cops for hours with some of our players here. When it is all said and done my side hurts from laughing and I’m ready to do it again.

Hope this helps.


The Story mode is worth the purchase alone. It’s massive, diverse and there are a lot of ways to tackle it. GTA has evolved a lot from Vice City. The online portion is a lot of fun too. You can do things with friends or with pugs and they can range from sky dives to races to death match, plus a ton of crazy game modes that no game has ever really done before. I would greatly recommend it. Theres a reason why it was game of the year last year.


Pretty much what they said. I haven’t gotten into the story mode much yet (I do plan to, though). All my hours so far have been goofing off in the online with the Strats crew and that itself would have been good enough for me. Having the great story to look forward to is now just the delicious icing on the cake.

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