Console Beta Starts Tomorrow for Those Interested



I know we have a few interested so this is for you. If you signed up for the console beta check your spam box because invites are going out today.

Beta will run from the 23rd-27th. There is no NDA so feel free to stream.


I’m interested in giving it a shot but I feel pretty strongly for the PC side.


PC is usually if not always the way to go with an MMO. I will say I LOVED :heart_eyes: playing FFXIV on PS4. This makes me want to give ESO for consoles a shot to see what it is all about.


To be fair, in a lot of ways ESO looks and feels like it was designed with console controllers in mind. I just don’t know about the large-scale pvp.


I’d like to see their controller layout. I’ve been having a bunch of fun with Xpadder, wouldn’t mind copying the official controller keybindings.



This is why I’m your biggest fan! I’ll test it out and let you know how it feels.


I’m curious about how it feels to not be able to strafe while using one of the button abilities. I’m always moving in ESO, especially in pvp.


To me, this is a very fair controller layout. It sort of reminds me of Evolve’s layout. Might be cool


I kite a fair bit too, I think you should be able to strafe with this though, or have I missed something…


When I play ESO I get that feeling as well. My worry is the use of voice comms in PvP and it being large scale. Game game has done that on console yet


Just found out about the beta today. ;-;

I can’t wait for this to come out for the PS4. I’m all over it!


Did anyone participate in this beta over the weekend? I watched about 30 minutes of someone streaming. Lots of navigating menus.

Also, there is no keyboard support. Seems to use proximity voice chat in zones.


Dear god…