Console gamers needed for product testing opportunity


Right then, first and foremost: no console wars/pcmr shenanigans in this thread; I’m watching you :face_with_monocle:

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to it

Strats has been approached by a company developing adhesive grips for gaming console controllers. The product is nearing market, and they’re looking for some folks willing to test the grips and provide feedback before finalizing everything. The staff is quite excited that we were approached, and have been told there will be an opportunity later for a larger number of users to serve as brand ambassadors on Twitch, social media, etc. (more details will be available about this in the coming months, for those interested).

This initial testing pool will be small, and the requirements you’ll need to fulfill are as follows:

  1. Be at least a Member here on the forums at the time of this thread’s posting
  2. Be willing to use the grips regularly for 4-6 weeks, not just once or twice
  3. Be capable of provide detailed feedback to the company on things like design, ease of installation, benefits of use, etc.
  4. Be willing to provide your real name and a good mailing address so the grips can be sent to you

If you’re interested and want to be considered for this opportunity, please reply to this thread and let us know what console(s) you game on. We’ll be identifying and notifying folks sometime soon (probably next week) with the rest of the details they’ll need to participate.



I’d love to help but I don’t use my console enough to be helpful. Also it might be water damaged when I get back. :open_mouth:


Although I’m not quite a hardcore gamer as I once was I recently started picking up my controller a lot more and have a few games I’ve been playing for an extensive amount of time and wouldn’t mind helping out here while I playing.


Is this restricted to consoles particularly? Could a potential tester use a gamepad with their PC?


I’d be keen to join with my PS4 dual shock… though… Canada, that a problem?


I’ll find out; the initial approach specified consoles, but I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t want people testing who play on PC with a controller.

That I know of, no, but I’ll find out.

Also, the fact that my .gif in the OP keeps disappearing for me is obnoxious; anyone else seeing this?

Broken .gifs on the forums

I saw the gif when I initially replied. It is broken now.


Yeah, the same thing has been happening to me. I’ll start a #strats:bugs thread about it.


If you need more people I’d be happy to test (don’t want to take a spot away from people eager to try it though).

I play a LOT of Rocket League /w a controller, as well as Madden on PS4.


I’m definately interested and with Destiny 2 released, I see myself doing some heavy gaming. in the coming weeks.

I’d be up for testing out some grips on the PS4.


I’m buying an xbox 1 controller next week for PC gaming. If the console itself isn’t necessary, I’m able to test on PS4 and Xbox 1 controllers for extended periods of time.


I’m definitely interested to try this on my PS4 controllers! -raises hand-

I’ve used grips before and they didn’t hold up so I’ve been looking for some new ones.

I game heavily both on and off cast (especially with Overwatch.)


@simplyundrea is a great choice! She loves console so much she wouldn’t let me buy her a PC. :smiley:


I’ll let you buy me a PC.


Only if it comes with no sound card and broken PCI slots so you can’t install one.


Haha since when? Are you offering? ;)


Lol I tried to get you to stream for PC forever. I never get to play games with you. Only that one Rocket League night. :ok_hand:


have you found a test group yet? im willing to help out even if im 2 months late.
i could run back though my ps4 library as well as a few i have not played yet.


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