Console Gaming Alignment!



So which one is you???


I think i am chaotic good because i hate campers:D


LN, though generally I’m bringing the support :wink:


Definetly Chaotic Good, and I can’t stand Lawful Evil arguments…pisses me off to no end lol


i totally see a ln in you lol


Most of the time with FPS i’m Pure Netural… I’m just there… but at times I stray to the CG…


Chaotic good. I cuss like a sailor though…


Mostly a True neutral but I do tend to either go Chaotic good or Chaotic evil depending on how good im doing in a game.


I’m gonna have to say Lawful Evil… I mean he has a point if it’s part of the game why should I be peer pressured into not using it?


Totally chaotic neutral…LOL


If I had to pick from these, I’m somewhere around lawful/neutral evil. I’ve been using launchers since Quake or longer and I like them because I understand angles.

I also have no problem with “kill steals” because kill count really doesn’t matter to me. I’m more concerned with total team kills and winning the match than I am with individual performance.


I’m mostly True Neutral, unless I’m in “Try Hard Mode”. If I’m in Try Hard Mode, then mostly some type of Evil.


Chaotic Good, I’m generally always Chaotic Good.


Lawful Good. I’m a rule follower and I tend to hold everyone accountable to the rules. I know I’m one of them, but we need them too.


Chaotic Good. It’s just a good way to play, tabletop or console.