Cookin' with Strats


I like my video games, but… I also enjoy a good meal. While cooking some polenta and having a lot of time to think while stirring the pot, I thought “I wonder what my Strats friends like to cook? Is that weird?”

So here we are, the next day and now you are looking down the barrel of a fully loaded question. What do you enjoy cooking? Do you have a favorite recipe that you love when you or your significant other cooks it. Possibly something that you’ve been passed down that you’d like to share? Or… are you a take out kind of person that polls their Twitch chat because they can’t decide between a burger or Thai food. We won’t call anyone out on that one, but it happens, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

We’ve got people from all over the place, so I’m interested to see what unique things people talk about.

If you HAVE to keep it video game related, what is your favorite video game food?


I love a good hot curry. And by hot I mean when I order it away from home, they ask “are you sure?” I tend to moderate mine though because most of the people in my house are not acclimated to it.


I can cook up the best case of food poisoning you’ve ever had.


Perfect! Can I hire you to cook up a few meals for some of my friends? I’ll pay airfare, provide the chefs hat and everything.


I make a mean chicken tortilla soup. I also make banging tacos, because it’s the best food. It’s all about the hit sauce, no matter what the food. I love hobenreo and ghost peppers. I eat a lot of weird food because my mom is allergic to everything. So I eat my spaghetti with squash noodles (weird right).

My fiance make this pizza dip that is a revelation. The only problem is she only makes it at parties and everyone eats it all before me :frowning:. She loves to bake as well. She makes gourmet cup cakes and decorates cakes. She once made Oloff cup cakes for my baby cousin, he went nuts. Sadly I don’t really like sweets, so I rarely eat her cakes…

I love food…


one of my favorites to make is roast chicken. Stuff it with oranges or apples and apply old bay to the skin and then get the spices up under the skin. Sometimes I’ll slide slices of orange up under the skin to make sure the meat is not dry. 375 @ ~20 minutes per pound usually works out well.

Also I will coat potatoes (washed but unpeeled) in olive oil, and roll them in spices including salt, garlic powder, pepper, and sage or basil and then bake them for 30 minutes or so. they get crusty on the outside and don’t need anything added to them at serving. (Other than some butter or sour cream if that is your thing.)


@nubhugs ONE OF US!


I buy it by the food service container.

Like this:


Wow @MrSavage you are a hell of a cook. You obviously put a lot of care and effort into your meals. Your love for Old Bay makes you just a little bit more awesome.

I love to cube up potatoes and drizzle them in olive oil and spices. It makes for a wonderful side. I recently tried it with sweet potatoes, and it wasn’t half bad at all, I didn’t feel quite as bad for eating them.


yeah I prefer Sweet Potatoes myself, but I am apparently in the minority in the house.


For starters … Fried chicken. Greens. Black eyed peas with rice + okra. Spaghetti. Lasagna. Tacos. Fajitas. Spring Rolls. Corned beef + cabbage.

I love to cook just about any + everything. It’s so cathartic for me to be in the kitchen.

[quote="MrSavage, post:6, topic:5126"] one of my favorites to make is roast chicken. [/quote]

@MrSavage: Yesss! Roast chicken is bomb. Sometimes I line up large diced pieces of gold Yukon potatoes right in the roasting pan along with the chicken while it cooks. The juices + fat from the chicken seeps into the potatoes and the flavor is just …


That too!

I love greens. So much I had to learn to make them for myself.


Don’t get me started, haha!

Collards or mustard greens seasoned with a little bit of bacon or salt pork? Heavenly.


Fajitas, hands down my favorite thing to cook/eat; I’ll snag some pictures next time I make it :wink:


Great idea for post @Nubhugs! And am enjoying seeing what everyone posts.

I love to cook. Italian and Mexican type dishes mainly. Lots of garlic is involved in just about any pasta dish. I usually saute vegetables with onion and garlic in olive oil, make a wine sauce and throw over pasta. Fresh basil is a must. As is fresh cilantro for Fajitas, Mexican style tacos or souped up nachos.

Love roast vegetables too. usually mix potatoes, yams, carrot chunks and onions with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.

Another staple side veggie dish I like is: Toast some walnuts, then saute green beans in olive oil and garlic, then add walnuts, salt and pepper near end. Simple yet scrumptious :smile:

(Imo, best to usually use Kosher or sea salt, and fresh ground pepper…there really is a difference)


I can really dig into some Camarones al Mojo de Ajo


I make a mean pork shoulder that just melts in your mouth…with some red potatos and carrots all seasoned up nice and cooked in the crock pot for a good 10 hours…mmmmmmmmmmm.

excuse me while i go to the store :wink:


i like to make a killer BLT topped with an egg for brunch. so good.

also like having apples and peanut butter in the morning for good energy, and sometimes i like to mix yogurt with peanuts for added protein and energy.

I can also make a good bowl of ramen


Glad to see Strats has some good cooks :stuck_out_tongue:

@simplyundrea I’ve never had mustard greens but I can put away some collards. :’( I just wish It didn’t shrink so much when cooked. Those big ol packs just end up appetizer size.

@Auth I’m holding you to this. I want to see those bad boys sizzle.

Infact, I’m seeing Fajitas a lot on this thread. I didn’t know this was a such a staple, I rarely have them, if at all.

@ghosthog I’m really diggin those toasted walnuts. About how long do you toast them?

@Droul oh baby nothing like pork shoulder all day in the crock pot. My go to cooker in the winter. Your a meat & potatoes guy just like me :stuck_out_tongue:

@xALRock Very nice light and healthy. What do you do with your ramen? I tried several times dressing up those cheap packets by throwing in some oriental vegetables and cubed beef


I can only make 3 things well soup, fish, and ramen.