Copying Peter's couples stream and doing Family Game Night



My wife and I were inspired by @PeterThomas6’s couples stream. We’re going to start doing “Family Game Night” streaming on Wednesdays at 8PM Pacific.

For now, we’re just going to play co-op games on the PS4. If it becomes a stable thing, I’ll invest in some mics and better equipment for the living room so we can do some cool stuff.

It might also be cool to do some fancy dual-PS4 streaming with switching.

Tonight we’re going to play Borderlands 2.


Sounds fun! I try to get my fiance to stream XB1 with me sometimes. She says she dislikes gaming but she really loves it!


That’s awesome man. I’m glad that I was able to inspire you to try something like this. It’s a little late for me to watch, unfortunately, but I do hope you guys have a really good time. I’ll check out the VODs as they go up. I’m not sure how familiar with gaming your wife is, but I know coming from GF6’s point of view, she’s got very little familiarity. Her last major console was an SNES, so having her in these games have been not only refreshing but fun as well.

I have found that it brings out a new level of closeness with us. It’s nice to be able to share a part of your hobby with your SO, and to see the regulars from your channel be just as open and accepting of them. It is even better when you find that one game that they’re just so into, it’s more rewarding to just let them have the reins and have at it. In my case, this was Heavy Rain. She ADORED that game.

Plus, where else are you going to get reviews like this: (In reference to Shadow of Mordor) “I liked it until I saw how many people worked on it, then I just thought it was meh.”

I hope you find it to be as rewarding and beneficial to your relationship as I have. Have fun!