Counter-strike:global offensive team?



me and a buddy are looking for 3 people to join our team so we can go into tournaments if anyone is interested please hit me up or add me on steam


it’s also worth noting there is a contract that is included (mainly to prevent tactic leaking) we are serious about going to tournaments so if you are too then feel free to apply!


We used to have a competitive CS:GO team for a while.


Contracts? :neutral_face:


its not what you think lol, it’s not like pro teams style all it is, is a agreement to not leak out team tactics and respect one another since people have a hard time doing that these days lol


I don’t think you need them lol. Any strat you think you have has been done and its all public information.

And if you are looking for a game where everyone respects everyone, CS is not the game haha. :yum:


ski used to play on the CS:GO team :wink:


its a liability thing. Pro teams have contracts aswell but those are more bounding than what we have.


I have played competitive CS for 16 years and never heard of a contract for a non pro team :smile:.

Just get your group of players and play, don’t try to make it so serious it will ruin the fun :sunglasses:


@skidoLLaZ like i said its a liability of someone in the team leaking the practice tactics and talks out to the opponenets and in the event that it happens they would be immediately terminated from the team.


Haha, ok. I was just trying to give some friendly advice on a CS team :smile:. I’d focus more on shooting than contracts.


for sure bud although it’s not looking great atm finding teammates is slow atm @skidoLLaZ


You won’t find many CS:GO players here, its a lot more RPG and other games, from my experience.


i see! its cool lol i also play rpg style


What level are you considering?


A contract is only as useful as it is enforceable. A contract is only useful if you’re mitigating the risk of damages. I don’t see any real damage risk here since there are no sponsors or underwriting.

I think that’s because you’re too far out in front. You’re talking about having people sign some document to play on a team that doesn’t exist yet. This only seems reasonable if you are underwriting a team. e.g. “We have a $100,000 budget to attend 5 major tournaments. Airfare, room, and per diem for each member provided they are currently under contract.” I’d probably pay each member on an advance-to-cover clause and deduct from future winnings. They would receive a 1099 and legally be independent contractors.

My humble advice would be to start the team and to eliminate as much friction as you can from the sign up process. You can always amend the rules, it’s your team.


true true


I’m a scrub, but Lou Brown might be on to something when it comes to contracts…

Oh Major League… what a movie it was.


Major League is possibly the greatest movie ever to run on repeat on deep cable.