Cracking out the Diablo 3 for a bit tonight (PC)



There’s been some interest in getting another Diablo 3 run going, so following the leadership meeting tonight I’ll be doing some runs for power leveling and gear grinding; hit it up here if you want a spot!

Add me: Auth#1692


Yes indeed.


Hey I’d be down to do some d3 tonight


Channel is up on mumble, get me added and see y’all there :wink:


ardele#1154 is mine. Ill be on tomorrow after work. East coast here. I have a seasonal wizard up to 33 with no power leveling at all :stuck_out_tongue: only like 5 hours played on it


If i Will catch you ok. If not then another time


Right then, sorry I couldn’t rock it with everyone; we had a helluva time though! I’ll do this again sometime in the near future :wink:


Thanks for the run. I’m not sure when I’ll be on again. Have a guest for a few days.