Crafting/Farming Role in Albion Online



This thread is to focus on the Crafting and Farming aspect of Albion Online. For those of you that haven’t been in an Alpha yet, the Destiny Board is massive and this thread is going to be crucial in deciding who wants to be the main man in crafting certain items. Discuss here what sort of crafting/farming you want to focus on, such as do you want to be the best heavy armorsmith? Do you want to make the best Staffs? obviously the more the merrier but this way we’ll know who to go to when we need a certain item crafted later on down the line.

Go to This Post that our Crafting Officer @Frizack has posted.

Albion Online - Main Thread

I was planning on doing staffs ( I assume that is what a mage would use as a primary weapon?) and cloth armor, as I am planning on playing a mage. I am new to the game, so I don’t know if this is a bad idea/combo or not, but I guess we’ll see :smile:


Yeah mages use staffs primarily haha. And cloth is good, but you can mix and match honestly and still work out well. It’s personal preference for now i don’t know the exact advantages/disadvantages late game yet.


Now I am curious to try a mage in plate armor :smiley:


Hey all…interesting chat starting already. Thought i’d chip in before my last sleep before AO.
After watching the devs videos i’ve been thinking about crafting already, before even being ingame. Coming from more a medieval stance than a fantasy one i’ll be leaning toward a warrior class. Hit and run archer, or axe wielder not yet sure. Crafting wise i’ll be looking for armour first, as the longer in the fight the more chances you get.
Does your equipment affect how quickly you move around the world…? that would be good to know before kitting out.
Will be checking out threads for advice as its posted.
CU ingame.


Filddler, you made me think of something: what are the most popular crafting disciplines in AO? I imagine it would be armor and weapon crafting, and likely heavy armor and swords axes? This is just an assumption as I have not played the game yet.

I did see in a crafting video somewhere that one of the enhancements you could add to armor during the crafting process was to make you have a higher weight capacity, so that would keep you going faster for longer :slight_smile:


Hope that’s the case…i like the idea of a quick armoured axe wielder.
A bit of ‘dash and smash’ would fit me style in this game, rather than ‘hit and run’.



So I was originally going to go with dedicated gathering but seeing as we don’t have too many dedicated farmers I think I’m going to make that my focus. I’ll prolly try for both the crops and the animals as well as cooking


I am going to be doing mages gear.


Are there guild chests on the Island? This morning I only got to play an hour and a half before heading to work but I found myself over burdened with materials…eventually I synthesized it and made myself a T2 set but I would like to move to the model where I can just deposit all my gathered/looted resources somewhere and guild crafters can leave in there some gear I can take out as necessary.


I just realized that the gathering is very difficult without a mount :horse:

Even crafting is so hard :scream:


Yeah, I want a mount and ox soo bad!


For now Ima go for Bags, to help the guys without mounts. So if you need T3 or T4 bags hit me up.


Legit! Just tell me what you could use and I will keep an eye out and send it your way! In game name?


Well for T4 I will need T4 leather and cloth. For T3 Bags just ask me, I will need a small fee from about 100-200 Silver since I dont really want to go mobhunting, but that shouldnt be too hard to come by ^^


Yeah, I only played for an hour and a half this morning and made about 650 silver…I used some to make some T2 armor and weapons and the traveling fee (didn’t know luggage made it more expensive!) to Middlecross as I make my way to our base of operations. Will be on tonight!


i’m a blacksmith and toolcrafter both t3 atm. I also started farming, raising anmails and cooking.


I am a T3 (very, very close to T4) mage gear maker. I also do farming and sell the food at the AH.


I am a bit slow player for now onli T3 in leather


There is a newer post here.
It has a spreadsheet linked in OP that has what everyone is focusing on.
One of the biggest things to look for is which types of weapons/off-hands are being leveled or not leveled and can hopefully fill a gap.

  • so anyway please post there.

And if you could add something to this OP @DrizztDo_Urden69 or hide, that might be helpful for @Frizack in his post :smile: