Craglorn: Let's do eet!



As I’m sure EVERYONE in the world knows, today they are releasing the trials/expansion to include Craglorn Adventure zone. My battle rage has been boiling. I need a group of 12 warriors to put it all on the line for glory! Join me this weekend and lets crack some skulls.

-12 members~ we need dedicated tanks, DPS and healers!
[it is technically content meant for VR10 ect ext but I’d still like to check it out and get a feel for it]

Comment if you are interested and what day you are available, either Saturday or Sunday. I’m free all day this weekend so let me know what time(s) you are open to.

Info on the Trials:

Info on the Adventure zone:

You know you want it.


Do you have to be VR10?


I HIGHLY doubt that. The trails would be super exclusive that way. I’m researching to see if there is any info on it officially. I’ll get back to you.


The content is designed for VR10 in mind, so careful.

No lockouts though so, all in!

Hel Ra Citadel and the Aetherian Archive are open! Groups of 12 players can take on these difficult challenges to earn new loot and a place on the leaderboards. You can use the group finder tool to locate others for your Trial group, but be warned: you’ll need excellent coordination and skill to take on the Trials.

Groups begin a Trial with 36 Soul Reservoirs. This counter decreases when a group member resurrects, and a Soul is consumed.

The Trial fails if no Soul Reservoirs remain, and no group members are left in the Trial.

You can view this to the right of your Ultimate ability, and it only appears when you are on an in-progress Trial. You can control this in the Settings the same way you can control the Action Bar.

Trial quests give special rewards the first time they are completed each week.

When entering a Trail via means other than a door, you will be sent to the Wayshrine. This includes logging out and logging back in.

This will not affect players in the Trial staging area.

Combat with any monster in a Trial will block resurrection for group members until combat ends.


Okay so it is designed to be for VR10 but apparently anyone can enter. Sooooo in all likeliness we will get wiped but I’d still like to check it out!




VR10 and 4 people, it is designed for groups.

So get a few buddies. Plus I think you’ll have to hit VR6 to enter, that or port to someone.


I’m interested in doing a group session…Sat or Sun evening is good for me. :smile:


I’m in, DPS only though.


I’d be down. I’m curious to try it out even if we get facerolled. We could also do a skyshard run in craglorn, I think there are 12 :smiley:


After being in for a while, some info:

  • you can enter at VR1

  • the mobs are all groups of 5 and are VR11

  • The named mobs aren’t all faceroll. They can wipe you out if you are under level

  • The mobs CAN be group killed / raid killed.


Thanks for all the info Guardian X!!!


I’ll clarify a bit.

Craglorn, as a zone, you can enter after VR1. The quests and content in the zone is NOT soloable, grouping is highly encouraged. The dungeons are the devil and are pretty tough (i’m looking at you shada’s tear). The rest aren’t too bad.

I spent all day with a group of vr10s and with the exception of Shada’s, it’s pretty fun and enjoyable content/fights.

There are mats EVERYWHERE.

As for the craglorn trials…you do need lvl 10s…it’s ALOT about coordination, and is in no way something you can just stomp and pug through. If anyone else is VR10 and would like an invite into a Trials group, lemme know. :slight_smile:


Adding some grind information:

Currently there is a grind location on the eastern side with 3~ waypoints and 5 “Magical Anomalies” (Not sure on the spelling).

You get XP for 2 things at these “Magical” locations, killing a red crystal (that turns yellow after death) and Killing a mob that spawns after the crystal dies.

You can find these groups by using zone chat and asking for an Anom group.

Currently this is AMAZING experience, I started this week as VR8 and am now VR10 / 500k XP from VR11.