Craglorn Links and Info!



Latest ESO post on Craglorn:


Limited resurrections! That is serious business right there.

Also it appears that having multiple loadouts is going to play a significant role.

By the time you reach the Veteran Rank you’ll need to be ready, you’ll have access to a large number of abilities, and Trials expect you to be prepared to face a number of situations. You’ll need to know what skills to bring for each encounter and be able to adjust your strategy and loadout to react to boss abilities.

I think this and the paragraphs below it indicate that we will see situations where we need more healers or more tanks or more DPS. Our group members are going to have to have the gear, skills, and knowhow to swap out before individual encounters.

Sounds awesome!


Thats why they gave us 350 skill points! We need to be healer dps and tank at the same time huehue


Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that whole thing at first but I’ve grown to really enjoy the flexibility.  It’s done a lot better than the “everyone can do everything” systems of other games.  That is for sure.


The Death Recap looks pretty helpful too!!