Craglorn this weekend



I will be out of town this weekend so I need one of you to take the lead on possibly organizing some Craglorn runs this weekend. If anyone plans on being online a lot this weekend and is willing to take the lead let me know.


I work night shifts until 10pm PST this weekend. I willing to lead but that time might be too late for the eastern people.


I’ll see if i can pull some people together :smiley:
I’m really just learning as I go. I’m somewhat of a novice compared to a lot of other players but I’m doing my best to make this guild into something I think is fun and helpful to all players. I’ll do my best to not butcher our first Craglorn run =p


I’ll see if I can rally some of the VR8+ folks to clear the 4 person world bosses/challenges. (Anyone lower than that wouldn’t get full experience, from what I’ve read on leveling guides)