Creating A Game: A Dream I'd Like To Explore


So ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to create a game. When I was heavy into Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TTC I got my friend to draw different animals and I put them on trading cards with their own battle points. (You were one lucky prick if you got the polar bear!)

Or making my own pokemon, my own boardgames, but making my own video game always seemed so far out of the realm of possibility. Even though I burned a lot of hours on RPG Maker. Movie maker was the same.

Well guys I feel like I’m going to go for it, even if it’s just as a hobby to feel like I’m being productive in my off hours. End of the day I’m tired of being disappointed by games that are supposed to be ground breaking. I’ve got some notes so far and I’d like to say “Feel free to take a look and lemme know what you think!”

A lot of the creative stuff is years in the making, a lot of the other stuff is logistics over the last few days when I actually think about what a game entails. Stylistically, think Zelda A Link To The Past meets harvest moon.

You can the newest form of the notes here:



Looks like a lot of fun! Congrats on going for it.

On hobbies, I think you are discounting their usefulness. Cultivating meaningful activities is an essential part of human happiness according to the research. One way to frame that time is to think of it as a discipline instead of a hobby. If you enjoy crafting and cultivating the discipline of designing video games, that is a significant skill which requires significant investment. Treat it as a first-class citizen in your life if that’s what you enjoy.

I really like the way you’ve mapped things here. You’re using the spreadsheet as sort of a mind map of notes. It would be interesting to see how your ideas progress if you built them in a more tuned framework for the task.

This can be really helpful when your goal is to get thoughts out quick and keep rolling. There are many apps built for this—especially for MacOS thought I’m sure they exist for Windows.

PS: Get a forum avatar.


Thanks Vocino! I’ll change that avatar when I get home :stuck_out_tongue: you’re right. I think calling it a hobby is protecting myself against failure. #lifecoachvocino


If you didn’t see this thread, there’s a few useful things in here, some of the YouTube channels listed are really great Looking for a place to start in game development and production


Thanks man I’ll check it out!