Creative Minds Unite - I need logo ideas


Having really taken the deep dive into the forum yesterday, I’ve come to learn there are some pretty creative & talented peeps here. So maybe y’all might be able to help me.

I spent yesterday pulling my hair out trying to come up with a simple logo to represent me on Twitch/YT/Twitter etc., but couldn’t come up with anything beyond a typeface letter L that looked meh. So anyone got a tip or idea they might be able to share?

It likely doesn’t help that design isn’t a strong suit. The best I was able to create was my Twitch offline image and even then, I’m left wondering…

Help me StratsCo, you’re my only hope.

Basic Logo Needed

sit down with a pad and come up with 30 thumbnails (they dont have to be good) that you might like. even if you are coming up dry, get to 30. You might find some inspiration there.


I’m terrible with the actual design portion (which is why I found help) but maybe I can assist with the conceptual stage.

What is lyteforce? Is it a person? Is it that blue line on the asset above? Is it like The Flash’s Speed Force? I think this is the first question that needs to be answered. Then build upon that.

You might discover that a fancy letter L will be all you need for now. Maybe build the L from a downward arrow and a right arrow (arrows represent forces in physics).


Hmmm… not a bad idea at all!

I’ve asked myself this question too - what is Lyteforce? I really wish I wrote down my thought process 20 some-odd years ago when I came up with the handle. I think it was simply a play on “Light” and “Force” in the sense of it being a positive force, but that’s just me guessing.

That said, I always seem to roll a Paladin everywhere I go - something about the whole holy light thing.