Crew Battle GTAV, Ps4

Add me on the ps4: xMO-NTANA

we do 4v4 and 5v5 crewbattles
aslo we look for more good shooters, we are from the netherlands so the timezone is different.

let me know if yu want a crew battle or 2 join.


want 2 do a crew battle? or nahhh

Crewbattles?? were looking 4 some crews to do a tdm

also looking for more good shooters

@MIGHTYGOONS Thanks for thinking of to promote your crew! We have a lot of traffic specific to many games and GTAV is a hot one now. I moved two of your other posts here because they seemed to be repetitive of your original post.

Our local Strats and Crew might be down for a crew battle in the future, assuming we can work out that timezone issue.

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aii iscool yo,
add me on the ps4, xMO-NTANA and hit me up when yu guys are ready for a battle