Crew Only Session - Strats and Crew - 9:00 pm EST Wednesday Nights



In the interest of bringing our crew together, I will start hosting a “Crew Only Session” on PS4 every Tuesday Wednesday night starting at 9:00 pm EST. I encourage you all to drop in and meet your fellow crew members. I will have game chat on as I’m sure we will exceed the PSN limitation of 8 players.

I plan to be on this evening to kick things off. See ya in game!

Getting more people involved in leading multiplayer gameplay at Strats
Straturday - Grand Theft Auto 5 - 27 February 2016
Anyone up for some DAMPing tonight?

I might join this. I’ll be the scrub on the street punching women.


I’m sure I’ll be on so be sure to send an invite my way.


I should be there tonight. I’ll be streaming as well.


I will be there! i need some sort of break from dealing with my brothers illness and shooting hookers sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I will be streaming this too.


I may throw up some promotion for the team page if we have a few people who will be streaming.


I’ll be streaming. If @Auth shows that will be 4.


I’m busy that night :frowning:


Every Tuesday night?


Yes :frowning:


I’ll stream from my PS4. I’m no fancy PC streamer like you cool guys


Sorry Brother. I had to work around:


Lol I see what your saying. Ill see how late you guys are up. I don’t work Wednesdays and can stay up late if you guys are up. :wink:


Sorry. It has been brought to my attention that this time is in direct complication with not only the Sherpa service, but also the Destiny reset. After careful consideration, I am rescheduling this to Wednesday nights. This Wednesday will be the exception for me as it is Christmas Eve. I will still be on tonight at 9:00pm EST in a “Crew Only” channel. Sorry for the confusion.


Wednesdays are prefect! I’ll tell my guys, so we can all jump in and play. Thanks for looking out.


I’m def going to try to jump in. Races and missions?


Possibly, or it might end up being open-world shenanigans; depends on who shows up and wants to do what I suspect :wink:


I’m level 6 with my highest stat being one full block of stealth. I’ll be punching random people to build up the biceps.


@teh_ninjaneer who needs biceps? Everyone know’s you need glutes for the sloots


Also, Penguin Master Race reporting in.