Crew shirt missing logo

Making the rounds in my PS4 games tonight.

I commented about this a month ago but still having problems with it. When doing the tutorials for Online, one of the requirements was to purchase some clothes. I bought a set I think.

Now when I change back to my Crew shirt (black shirt with blue collar), there is no Strats logo on it. I thought at the time @Nubhugs told me I would have to pay to have it placed back on the shirt. But I just can’t find an option to even pay for that anywhere.

Can anyone help me out on how to get the logo back? Is this shirt even supposed to have a logo?

If you head back to a clothing store you can get your logo back. It will not cost you anything except time. It is a real pain in the ass, but a known bug.

I was just in a store but didn’t see the option. Any idea what I need to do?

Select your shirt.

Top menu in Clothing is Crew Emblem.

Choose Crew Emblem Small…


or Back. Hope this helps @teh_ninjaneer


I see the problem now. I was trying to fix it in the dressing room and not “off the rack”.

However, when I go to the Crew Emblem list I have to pay for all three emblems. Maybe this shirt never had the emblem?

I am pretty sure once you buy it, it’s yours. Not sure if your change styles of shirt…

When I created my character I picked this shirt. It was black with a teal collar. Maybe there was an option for a shirt with the crew colors but no emblem and I selected it for some reason.

Maybe I’ll create another character and check it out.

I am fairly certain someone else said the first shirt they made was the crew shirt with emblem and then later the emblem disappeared and they had to pay to get it back. It disappeared a few times after that but they never had to pay again. It might have something to do with having it be your very first shirt?