Critical decision for archeage discussion

Go on the new server and reroll or stay here? Pros cons discuss. (Obvious pro is land and no founders obvious con is rerolling for levels)

Edit: everyone has patron apparently…fml pay 150 or pay 0 same deal. 11 yo from uzbekistan can rush a plot now. (No hate my uzbeki friends)

Edit 3: worth going pirate on Alts to claim land on pirate island for our mains?

Perhaps we put together an expeditionary force to take a look at one of the new servers to see if it is worth it? I’m not quite sure what I won’t have moving to the new server. I guess it would suck to lose the glider and stuff like that. If we can move resources around, perhaps that’s a great place for alts for doing farming and resource gathering.

I know there are shared auction houses clusters. If there is one on the same cluster as we’re on, doing high-gold buy-it-now auctions might be a way of moving things around, albeit for a 10% cut to launder the goods.

AFAIK they are not allowing character migration between servers.Otherwise, I would say migrate.


I don’t think it is worth it honestly, the new servers got hit pretty hard and have just as big of queues already, I wouldnt doubt it if the land grab is even quicker over there than it was on any of the other servers. Not to mention, we do have a fair amount of time invested already into this server and we will be able to get land by buying it or tearing down houses that arent built in time.


Check the dev logs on the link I sent for “what I wish I knew”. Community leader is saying that this is a bug and they are working to fix it. One of my daughters got signed up today and came in as a patron. I’m sure they will turn that off in the next day or so. But it does suck to have to queue when you paid good money to go to the front of the line. Everyone knows damn good and well the queues during the day were due to the F2P opening up. So patrons shouldn’t have queued until the busy time in the late afternoon to evening.

Draco is probably right. I think we’ll find that things get pretty evened out in a week or two. We’ll probably regret moving if we do it. But we might want to consider whether to put alts on the same server or different. I’m not sure the impact since I haven’t built a character on a different server yet. I did create a separate F2P account with a different email address for more alts if I needed them for some reason.

Ok so alts and go claim pirate island? We can get 100 gilda in an hour btw there is a way

Eh, I would scout it. I’m not sure whether it makes sense yet.

No housing on pirate island left

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I guess we need to find where we’d like to be then and camp peoples unfinished houses so we can knock em down when the timer expires.

Our priorities for me are as follows. Boost membership, finish dracos farm, gather wood for the ships, get to 50.


Concur, just woke up time to grind