Crowfall Alpha this summer



Continuing the crowfall discussion from the Albion Online Thread.

ACE has announced that the first alpha test will be this summer. It will consist of the higher tier of KS Backers and then randomly selected people who are signed up for testing until they have enough.

They have said outright that many features will not be accessible and that this test is purely to test the Combat system and specifically PvP Combat.

Not every class will be available and some classes may have abilities that they would not normally have for the purpose of testing.
They have said that there will not be an NDA, so people will be able to discuss the gameplay on the forums and whatnot, but that it will definitely lack polish and not reflect the finished product.

you can see the full article on their upcoming combat test put out by ACE here.


Correction to this. The test will consist of all the pre-alpha testers (what Wayward describes as higher tier of KS backers). Pre-alpha access required pledging $5,000+. ACE will then begin taking Alpha 1 testers, not randomly selected people. I believe there are less than 50 pre-alpha testers so they will almost certainly be dipping into the Alpha 1 people, of which I am one.

Also, I am one of 15-20ish people participating in some form of survey for Crowfall. Not sure if it’s for marketing purposes or gameplay. This happens in about 2 hours so I’ll have more to report after that.

Edit - Back on Mar 24 the count showed 34 pre-alpha backers and 549 alpha 1 backers.


Where is the report?

I am so hype about Crowfall…the idea that I could play and after my first couple of months of active leveling just passive level and stay on par with any other player without having to participate in a campaign is so intriguing. I can then come back and play a campaign and be as strong as anyone else…It is the perfect MMO for people with a life but whom want to be hardcore from time to time and be competitive!


I spent about an hour talking to the guy. He is doing market research-type stuff for Crowfall. Trying to gauge exactly what the community wants out of the game. If I understood correctly, he is doing this first round of interviews in order to create a survey which will be sent out to the larger Crowfall community in the future.

He asked questions such as what I like/dislike about the game (hard to answer when I haven’t actually seen it yet), my impressions of current games and gaming trends, my past gaming history.

This will work to an extent. You are correct that you can spend the first months actively leveling your skills to the soft cap and then passively level them after that. However, you will need to participate in campaigns (or else have some very generous friends) to stay competitive.

Your Eternal Kingdom (housing area) will not have the resources necessary to craft gear nor pay the upkeep of your buildings. You’ll need to go into the Campaign Worlds (or have someone bring them to you) to harvest resources. EKs are just areas to craft in peace. You have to take the risk of the campaigns in order to come back to your home and craft better stuff.

Or else you can craft inside the campaign yourself and maybe make some profit!


Yeah, I don’t enjoy crafting to be honest…I rather be an elite pvper and get my gear through full loot games…


Yeah, I’m exactly the same way, which is why there is an advantage to having a large core group like what we have here with Strats. Some of our members LOVE to craft! In ESO I just sent all of my gathered materials to another guild member and he would craft me whatever I needed when I needed it.


In case you guys aren’t following Crowfall closely, it was announced earlier this week that classes/archetypes and armor have been changed to closely resemble the TESO model. Now there are no armor restrictions by archetype, meaning you can wear any type or armor or mix-and-match. It’s possible that lighter armor will provide mana regen while heavier armor will affect your movement speed.

Also, armor types (cloth, leather, chain/scale and plate) will have varying resistances to damage types (slash, crush, thrust, all the magic types). Some armor will have high resistance to crushing damage but be weak to slash, for example.

And finally, ACE is going to have a hit location system. No details yet, but you will be able to target specific parts of the body (torso, legs, head). So mix-and-match armor might be a thing.

Full article here.


The only announcement I really want to hear about crowfall is that the classes are no longer Race/Gender locked


The “classes” are race locked because they technically are not classes. They are archetypes, a race/class combo. The race comes built-in. This style is also used for convenience when designing armor and such. Hopefully there will be less clipping of gear since armor will be specifically designed to fit each archetype. It’s also less work for them when they only have to design one set of armor per class/archetype.

As for gender-locking of archetypes, the only ones I know of right now are the dwarven forgemaster, guinecean duelist and minotaur myrmidon (maybe the elken stalker?). If I remember correctly, in Shadowbane the dwarves were created from stone by one of the gods. All of them were male and if one died there was no new dwarf to take his place. J Todd Coleman will likely have a similar backstory for his Crowfall dwarves.

I believe the minotaurs were all-male as well. That race was created magically by the elves to be laborers and warriors.

All of the human, elf/fae, half-giant (I think that’s what champions are) and centaur archetypes can be either male or female.


which still means the same thing. I can only play a human knight, etc. I understand WHY they are doing but I do not like it.


More like Crowfall rough design concept this summer.