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I try to stay on top of all the new things. I learned about this game a few days ago and have been browsing the forums since.

Before Christmas, the site originally launched as play2crush, an allusion to the old MMO Shadowbane. A couple weeks ago it was revealed as Crowfall with the previous Shadowbane lead and Star Wars Galaxies lead running the show. Earlier this week it was revealed that Raph Koster, the man behind the crafting in Ultima Online and SWG, is also a part of the team.

These guys are making some bold statements right now. During Jan-Feb they are deliberately releasing tidbits of info in order to spark discussion and debate on their forums. There is a countdown on the main page. When it’s done they intend to open up and explain everything about the game.

I’m not sure if any of you played Shadowbane. It was a pre-Wowcraft MMO that was almost entirely PvP. You were safe for about the first 10 levels but then you were thrown to the wolves. When you died, you dropped everything in your inventory. Only the items you had equipped were safe.

The game had massive city building and sieges too. But people couldn’t just attack your city when you were sleeping. They had to declare their attack and set up for it. And it would last for days.

The interesting thing to me was that the levels were not as drastic as they are in Wowcraft. A level 50 person would obviously have an advantage over a 20, but three 20s could group together and possibly beat that 50. That lone 50 couldn’t rampage through a group of 20s trying to level up and expect to 1-shot everyone. He would likely be defeated by the group.

I much preferred this type of PvP to playing on Wowcraft’s PvP servers. I despised trying to quest in a zone while constantly being attacked by no-skill people who were 20-30 levels higher than me. But I understand that’s the type of PvP that some people enjoy and that’s how they feel the game should be played. Some guys believe that they survived all the beatings so now it’s their turn to hand them out. Kinda like the wedgies back in high school.

I’ll be watching this website and participating on the forums over the next 30 days. I want to see where this game is headed. If I don’t like it after the reveal then I’ll probably bow out. But Shadowbane was a game that was way ahead of it’s time. I would love to see how that game would work today.

Nolani check in

Tuesday is the big reveal for Crowfall.

Info has been slowly unveiled. The game is heavily PvP focused. They are describing it as something of a “PvP Minecraft crossed with RTS elements”.

The game will consist of the Eternal Kingdoms, which will be the area for city building and pre-planning before the PvP “campaigns”. Then you will have the Dying Worlds, which is where the majority of the PvP action will take place. These Dying Worlds will go through seasons (spring to winter) before the world will ultimately be destroyed and the campaign will end. The terrain and the creatures will go thru transformations as the world becomes colder with winter coming.

The premise is that the players are the crows, scavenging these Dying Worlds for resources before their destruction. There are no resources present in the Eternal Kingdoms (or else the bare minimum, or starter type stuff). It hasn’t been specified yet what all can be done with these resources. The game is heavily focused on crafting - there won’t be any farming of MOBs for some Uber Sword of Uberness. Crafters will control the economy.

The engine will incorporate Voxel Farm technology (Everquest Landmark) but will focus on destructible terrain rather than building things. You can burrow a tunnel under a castle wall!

There will also be a full physics engine. For example, a spell may blast a crater in the ground and you could then push someone into the hole. Characters will have mass and weight; a larger character will be able to push a smaller character. Someone could move into the line of fire of an arrow and intercept the projectile. There will be friendly fire.

That’s a quick rundown of things. There are a few FAQs already on the site if you’re interested to learn more. The things they have announced so far are fairly ambitious and I’m anxious to see what else there is to reveal on Tuesday morning.


From what I’ve read seems like my type of game. I love crafting, sandbox, pvp, rpg, and realism games. I never personally played Ultima Online, but I’ve seen video footage of the game, and have read stories about what happened, but it seemed cool. I hope for the best for this game, but for now I’ll refrain from jumping on that hype train again until I get more information, and see gameplay, Awesome find though ninjaneer. :smiley: Here you go. :cookie:
This was pretty interesting


That video gives a good overview.

ArtCraft has already said there will be some crowdfunding info coming on Tuesday. They might even have some video footage because it has been requested by several people on the forums before committing any money to the project.

I’m trying to keep my hype level as low as possible on this as well. There’s a lot of potential but there’s also potential for it to fall flat.

A few of the initial classes (archetypes) have already been announced. The remaining ones are supposed to be revealed Tuesday. Some of the backstories for announced archetypes suggest that there might be archetypes specifically for crafting. That would be very interesting to me and something I would likely enjoy. With the focus on crafted gear I think I would have fun gathering and outfitting a guild, doing minimal fighting.

Back in Star Wars Galaxies my main profession was entertainer and I spent hours dancing in the cantina. Dem singles.


They will be using the Voxel engine for destruction just like everquest next.

@teh_ninjaneer thats awesome I always have a passion for a world that has both Non-PVP fun, and PVP. I like to fight for something like protecting my town, or villagers/dancers from being killed. Even though I love cooperative PVP I also love Harvest Moon, and Recettear.

I love roleplay. My favorite role in a DnD game I run is a cart salesman whos sole calling in life is make money, and interesting, but hilarious deals.


I’ve wondered if I don’t enjoy MMOs anymore because I just don’t feel connected to my characters like I did back in Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot.


My last favorite character that I really felt was a part of me was my mount and blade character. I’ve started to feel like when the game limits my ability to roleplay actions I would do my experience is lessened.

The last fun roleplay experience I had in a video game was modded skyrim.


Looks pretty damn cool from the video. Sort of similar to Albion Online in style, actually.


There are some concepts similar to Albion Online. In my opinion, it seems like the next round of MMOs are moving toward the sandbox style, or at least freedom in general.

For example, Camelot Unchained claims it will allow you to design your own attacks. Instead of having predesigned attacks like Low Slash, or Head Butt, or whatever, you will create your own attack skill to use in battle. You will select what part of the body it will target and there will be area-specific damage. Hitting the leg will slow a person, hitting the arm will lower their damage, etc.


Looks pretty interesting. nice video as well.


I think I backed Camelot Unchained on Kickstarter.


I threw my proverbial money at the screen. Guess we’ll see if it’s worth it when Alpha starts up this summer.


I was about to support this when realized only Windows. In this day, with tools available, it’s disappointing they can’t do Linux/Mac as well.


Got the latest newsletter and it had some interesting stuff in it. And yes i threw money at this game too :smile: