Crowfall updates

Edit: I basically “updated” on couple previous Crowfall threads here, I found them through searchbox and thus skipped some important info. For anyone new to the game, a quick intro - it’s IGN Wiki, also Archetypes (classes) and hundreds of Crowfall images and screenshots (all credits to Handies of Crowfall forums).

Access to current tests is kinda expensive, but there will be open beta (free tests!) “this winter”, requiring only registration on the Crowfall site. Next thing is, building your own (or your guild’s) kingdom will be like playing Tetris (!) :

…and here you can see early tests of kingdom building tool.

People from Australia or SE Asia (or any “distant” place) will find this very interesting - quick & cheap making of servers by cloud technology:

Also, the Ranger archetype is already playable, sieges / destruction / capture player tests should start next week (OFC unless they delay something!?) and Raph Koster spoke about Crowfall’s social dynamics recently.

Finally, here’s some 2016 test footage - first, Knight (warror/tank):

…then noob girl playing Confessor (ranged fire DPS), and some serious and well coordinated teamplay, Champ (melee DPS) PoW:


Nice! I’m looking forward to checking this out! Unfortunately I won’t get in until Beta 6 :frowning:

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I will be keeping my eyes on this as well.

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@JamesGoblin you’re a pretty cool kid. Thanks for this update.

I’ve watched that noob girl stream a few times. She does ok but she’s no VIKINGNAIL. :hankey:

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@ghosthog OMG is there beta 6? How many betas they have, 15? :slight_smile:

@teh_ninjaneer Ah, good old Vikingnail is silent recently. I guess (s)he moved to BnS or BDO!?

I know right lol! I was hoping they’d bump up access at some point

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They are bumping it slowly, should be somewhere around alpha 2 ( or was it 3? ) now!? While it’s still pre-alpha officially.

There is hope… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice post.
Just got my invite to the “Pre-Alpha” yesterday.


Thanks for the info. I’m also invested but i dont remember when i get access. Anyway i think i’ll wait till release like i did with bdo.

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I forgot to mention the main thing (this was the big New Year reveal): player’s identity is tied to the crow-spirit and NOT the body - this will include frequent changes of class, race and sex!? In other words, once you die you’ll have to fly and find a new body, unless you got friends and/or spare one nearby.

This, same as Crowfall’s horizontal progression system, resembles Eve: spirit/body parallels pilot/ship, and bodies can be crafted (! - or even stolen/ looted in some cases) through necromancy skill - in qualities from white/green to epic or legendary, to use WoW terms. Here is a little comic they made about it:

PS While I’m here, a massive Imgur album, hundreds of Crowfall images and screenshots (all credits to Handies of Crowfall forums) -


This is interesting.

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Crowfall is the real competition to Overwatch.


Looks cool, I’m interested to see where this goes…

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haha, I haven’t played Overwatch and I’m still deciding on whether or not to get it. But what’s funny is how so many dissimilar games are called competition to it, which really only proves it’s an unintended measuring stick for all the games coming out soon. This post has definitely gotten me excited about Crowfall, looks like they have some great ideas, hope they come to fruition!

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Is Crowfall PvP only? If thats the case… thats where the comparison might be coming from.

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I wouldn’t say it’s PvP only. There are enemy NPCs in the game.
From what I’ve seen so far it will be “PvP Driven” to a large degree.

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The PvE is trivial in the game. Mostly there to hinder you when fighting others.

Crowfall is certainly a PvP game.

Edit - To clarify, there will be no PvE raiding in the game. Maybe you have to do some PvE to clear out a resource node or to claim a castle, or to collect some crafting materials, but that will be the extent of it.


Others already covered PvE, no quests or instances or PvE leveling, so many would consider that there is no PvE, and all PvE in game is mostly in function of PvP. Anyway, Crowfall is certainly not a PvE game.

On the other hand crafting will be very important for the economy (unlike in typical MMO where the most valuable items are boss loot drops), including crafting disciplines/classes, also building (voxels) and gathering will matter a lot and NPCs will be there, including the friendly ones, “thralls” used as crafting / building assistants or guards in keeps or caravans.

Rangers are just added to the tests, here’s some raw and messy footage:

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I like this Ranger video, it’s cool to watch a stream with high frame rate, it looks really different than my low res minimum setting hunger dome hehe. JG you should post the new Siege Perilous confessor video =)

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