Crown Shop Struggles



With the Crown Shop being pretty new, there isn’t a whole lot of content that interests me for a purchase. Until today. Pet’s are just silly vanity items that suck real life money for your wallet. Most are just your typical animals but a few new ones were added. This guy is one of them:

Tell me Strats. How can I say no to this face? Look how terribly sad it is! What has this dog seen that makes him THAT sad? Years of war? A lost owner? A scrubby PVP campaign resulting in a terrible 12 year old emperor? A bad launch experience that floundered around and came back free to play?

Just TUGGIN on my heart strings, scrapin’ along in life.


Hi folks, I'm Ryan
Gaming mice/headset recommendations?

Can we keep it?!


He would look great running beside me, riding on my 1g horse.


I wish there was an option to have all of your pets follow you at once. I’d feel like Dr. Doolittle.


What did I just read?


“In the aaaarmss of an angel”




Thats what I’m trying to say… what an adorable sad face :frowning: And it’s RIGHT on the game loader when you boot it up. I have to look at it now every time when logging in!


I just couldn’t look at that sad face anymore, broke down and got the dog.


You should make that photo your profile picture here @Rotaugen.


I’m still struggling. Every time I see it I want to give him a sandwich… he’s so hungry :sadgumball:


He just wants to come along with you on your travels. He wants to be your best friend out there questing when no one else is! He just wants a friend!!


:sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball:


Every time I see @Rotaugen now.


This is gold. I want to play this game now, just for the stupid dog.


We have a guild tabard, we need to make this the guild dog. He finally found a home, in a nice, protective guild.


I have the other dog as well so he won’t be lonely!


All these people with the dog and I’m just over here with the beta monkey. :sadgumball: stupid monkey


What’s the dog’s name?


@Rotaugen, Does he still look sad? Because that would be pretty devastating to give him a home and he’s still not happy.