Crucible Guns/Builds



Hello all!

I wanted to see what everyone’s opinion was on their favorite/most effective Primary/Secondary gun choices were. I’ve been trying to get better at Crucible (currently level 10), but I find myself doing a bit lackluster.

In addition, what “build” are you running? What gear are you using? Any general tips for doing well, either in a specific game mode or in general?


I’ve only maybe logged in two hours in crucible so I’m no expert by any means right now.
The Auto Rifles and Scout Rifles still wreck people. Personally I’ve been finding good success with pulse rifle, shotgun, and heavy machine gun. I get most of my kills with the heavy machine gun, it just has the fastest time to kill.

I’m curious to see what the more dedicated PvP players roll with also. Great topic.


Ive logged even less time, but it appears the more experienced players keep a HMG as the special and rarely use their secondary. Most kills came from Auto Rifles, Scouts, and Pulse.


No means an expert but auto rifles are the best way to get your sea legs. High clip capacity with decent damage and accuracy will help you get a feel for pvp. If you can get the hand cannon down you will be a monster but it has high recoil and the aiming is a lot harder in pvp. Shotgun is great up close,and if you can get the timing of the charge right fusion rifles can one shot.

As build I see more titans and warlocks because their super is so devastating. I run hunter blade dancer and it’s a pretty fun build but it’s so well balanced I would pick whatever fits your play style the most.