Crypt of the NecroDancer



I wanted to share this very special gem with everyone, Crypt of the NecroDancer. This is an indie Roguelike Rhythm game that released out of early access April 23rd. The core concept of the game is keeping in rhythm of the level’s song as you move and attack. All monsters in the game also follow this rhythm with telegraphed attack patterns. Keeping in rhythm rewards you with gold multipliers which is essential for getting more powerful weapons, armor, spells and trinkets at the shops, so keep the beat!

Each level has its own track and automatically ejects you to the next if not completed when the song is over, leaving potential loot and enemies behind. Every staircase to the next level also is closed off by a mini boss, thank goodness for all the awesome weapons you find to make you hit harder or at longer range with sweeping attacks. As you descend further into to the crypt you come across harder enemies, bosses and finally, the NecroDancer himself.

Being a Roguelike means, you guessed, death is permanent. You are sent back to a comfortable little hub area where you can spend any diamonds you find on items that could potentially show up in chests, and some passive permanent modifiers like extra gold, health or more chests in levels. You can also use this area to train against enemies you’ve found in the game, try the daily challenge, a typical “one life and a leaderboard” type of deal, or change characters.

There are 10 characters in the game, which need to be unlocked by doing certain feats. Each character offers a unique way to play the game, some of which come with their own custom soundtracks. Steam offers a WIDE variety of mods to change your character skins, and the game supports custom tracks if you wanted to throw in your own music to the game.

If you think you have rhythm and love punishment I highly suggest this game. It’s got hours and hours of content, great gameplay and a ton of support. Buyer beware, these songs are catchy!