I don’t know about y’all, but I have a theme for my rig (all white/clear), and I stumbled upon this beauty via CORSAIR’s twitter. I’m in love. :heart_eyes:

Every detail, from the hand-painted silver components to the clear, acrylic panels are beautiful, and soothes my need for matchy-matchy aesthetics. It’s so cleanly done!

What do y’all think?


I think it looks beautiful.

If you don’t mind me asking… What is your budget, and your experience with water cooled builds?
I ask just because there’s about $1500 worth of just water cooling components in there, and the water cooling/cable management is like… experienced professional difficulty…

Not doubting you, or trying to be a downer… I just want to make sure that you’re going to jump into a project that’s much more difficult and expensive than you were expecting.

If it helps, you can read about my disaterous first attempt I made at water cooling last year:


random comment, totally forgot about Mohomohommad until just now. Please, continue.


I have a bit of experience with water cooled builds! I’m almost tempted to make a masterpost dedicated to my rig because I love it so much, haha. I’ve put around 68931kr (when I’m tired my conversions fail, so I’m just gonna put it in nok for now) into my baby, and taken it half-way across the world.

However, I didn’t make a custom loop myself for the sake of issues; I had a technician from Komplett instruct me and assist me to ensure that I wasn’t getting in over my head.