CS:GO and the current expansion


I feel this was a bad purchase for me. I paid 5.99 for the expansion which allows me to get new drops and have missions and an emblem. I haven’t played CSGO for a long time and the last pack I bought was the most recent one with the valkrin cases. That was amazing value for what I paid for missions would give me case drops 100% and other missions would give me a random colored weapon which is nice.

This current expansion has been nothing I’m fond of. The missions only give xp and you only get a random gun drop every Wednesday and you have to rank up to do it. This isn’t fun and I think its awful. I was wondering how everyone else feels because the fact I’ve gotten 2 grays so far and maybe a blue if I’m lucky is quite sad for what I paid for. I don’t mean I should be getting good guns everytime but almost every drop has been a gray.


Wish i could help you out brotha, as you said you werent to happy and same goes for me when they started all of this expansion thing, we are not cod, bf3 or anything that has to do with leveling up or ranking up. i personally hate the whole system and wish they never made it and kept the game to the competitive side, and the fun side of playing as friends and as a community, they took that away from everyone and now its hard to find people to play with that are not all about the drops and what not. i guess thats why i play on client(ESEA). but personally the expansion packs are just going to get worse and worse, and they should probably think about fixing the games hitboxes before taking note on all this, I guess my solution to this post is not to buy anymore expansions,. as you finally found out that they are only good for a bit, and the lucky drops people were getting wasnt from cs go, they made a mistake with the codes, and this new update fixed that , forums on steam are ranting about this, you should check it out, read up on1000’;s of comments on the new update.