CS : GO team in the making

Hello, I am looking to start a cs : go(counter-strike :global offensive) team, Yes If this does get accepted and goes further, I would like to be “head” or whatever it is you want to call it over this division, I think it could open up strats a little more and get it known in the gaming community instead of the community of games if that makes sense. Let me know if this can me a talked out plan, as Tommy and I talked in mumble tonight about the issue. Please get back to me asap, about starting a strats co. gaming community team for cs go. meaning we would go into tournaments, lan parties. pay to travel out of our pockets. and win matches under your name for sponsors and popularity


I like it, I’m in the process of building a computer, but I was gonna look into this game when I get it running. I’d like to get familiar with it and good before joining a team though, but I’ll keep it in mind.