Csgo road to ranking up



Hi all,

So I really enjoy csgo and would love to be even more competitive at this game. I’m currently master guardian 1 and want to get better to be able to play on teams.

What’s are some tips such as key binds for flashes or anything that help me step up my game.


Playing a lot is the best way to get better. Like a lot. Also, I would check out some pro streamers on twitch…or pro matches.


Best way to get good at go because there are so many places to peak before getting peaked, I would play a lot stick to match making playing scrims with those players and just keep tying different rifles pistols and get used to the aim with each individual gun, and then game sense comes from yourself and like @skidoLLaZ said watch a lot of demos and or streamers so you can watch how they play and use the way they play to your style, also I am finishing cs go configure for our server and the cs go team itself would definitely be down to show some cool smokes flashes and to just play wih us, playing with better players will get you better over time


As @skidoLLaZ and @gambleR mentioned, best thing to do is play a lot. Also, be sure to watch pro-streamers and tournaments. Half the time they explain their smokes, flashes, and ways to peak without being too overzealous.

For aim, join death match servers to help with your reaction and aiming abilities. Can go for either team DM’s or FFa’s, both help. One trick I use to do with my old team was everyone had to DM for at least 1 hour a day. I would set a goal of 50 M4a1 kills, 50 AK47 kills, 50 USP kills and 50 P250 kills; that way I had my rifle and pistol warm-up. Tweak to your meet your needs.

Game-sense comes with just playing a lot. You become aware of the common spots people tend to play, able to read a terrorist’s position from how the bomb is planted, where their smokes/mollys will most likely be placed, etc. Be sure to play with someone though, better to have at least one friend in game with you that you know will back you up as opposed to the constant baiters.


I just got Rank 3 last night and played 2 competitive matches. I watch some streamers/youtubers but definitely think I need to get a buddy or two who I play with…solo is not nearly as fun…what could be channeled through laughter turns into frustrated anger!