Cul-tex Introduction


Hello everyone! My names Joe, I’m 34, out of California and I work for the railroad. I’ve never played anything like a MMORPG so I’m looking forward to playing with a group that gets along, knows how to have fun, and realizes it’s only a game! I play on a PS4 and I only plan to play The Division so far, and a bit of Battlefront.

PSN ID: cul-tex


Welcome, friend. :strats_green:

You may also be interested in Destiny if you’re looking for PS4 friends.


Welcome to Strats Joe!! I’m glad to have you with us for The Division. I know we have some battlefront players here…they should chime in here soon!


Chiming in!

Battlefront for PS4 is my jam right now.


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family @cul-tex!


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