Current Add-ons



What are you guys running for add-ons? I know I was running a few inventory managers via Curse when the game first came out. Any suggestions?

I got elder scrolls online

Good question. There are two that I miss from the old days:

  • sell all your junk to vendors
  • keep 1 stack of crafting materials in your bank


I use stuff from

Currently I’m using:

Skyshards - adds icon to map that shows locations of all skyshards.

LoreBooks - does the same as skyshards just for lorebooks (ones for mages guild).

Sorcerer Helper - shows cooldowns, procs, buff timers etc.

Zolan’s Junk Handler - actually sorts my inventory junk items (ones that say sell to merchant). Useful for keeping junk items to sell.


After doing a little searching I realized I was using Minion not Curse. I had an add on that broke down the standard inventory into smaller categories, need that one again.


Looks like mine, I’m using Frameworks too.

Wykkyd’s Framework -


I basically used Minion and grabbed the top 20 most downloaded addons. I’m still working my way through some of the settings, but there are some really cool ones.

  1. Advanced Filters
  2. Combat Cloud
  3. Destinations
  4. Esohead
  5. Foundry Tactical Combat
  6. HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)
  7. Inventory Grid View
  8. Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)
  9. LoreBooks
  10. Lost Treasure
  11. MiniMap by Fyrakin
  12. Research Assistant
  13. SkyShards
  14. Slightly Improved Experience Bar
  15. SoftcapInfo
  16. Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper
  17. Wykkyd’s Framework
  18. Wykkyd’s Outfitter
  19. Wykkyd’s Quest Tracker

Ok, so it was only the top 19. Some of these may or may not be that useful since the changeover to b2p. and some of these are major spoiler content, like ruining the locations of all the hidden lore books and treasure…but i ain’t got time to find that stuff.


I use both Foundry Tactical Combat and Combat Cloud for the great warning messages, like knowing when you should block, when your potion is ready to be used again, when to use an execute move, etc.
The boss tracker (can’t remember the name) is great in dungeons for chasing achievements.
The lore book one is invaluable for finding the lore books and raising Mage’s Guild level, as finding the books without it is a huge pain.


Advanced Filters it’s called.


Don’t use softcap info anymore because soft caps were removed from the game. That addon will cause you some problems if enabled.

But the rest are all really good. I think I use them all except the quest tracker