Current state of Strats.Co Planetside 2?

Anyone still active?

I’m not sure if people still play, free to play games a very victim, to flights of fancy.

I still have it downloaded, but no one plays anymore…

We are a fickle people here at strats.

I play sometimes when I’ve stared at my steam library for too long without playing anything.

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My go to is Skyrim when this happens.

I still hop on pretty regularly to play with a few of my friends from work. We’re TR on Connery though. Not sure which server/faction Strat is with.

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I wonder if the Strats clan will carry over into the PS4 version. I plan on putting some quality time in the PS4 beta when it starts up in December.

I’m assuming it will. PlanetSide2 is a great game, honestly.

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I had a ton of a fun with it when it first released on PC. It was just a grand scale war that never ended and it was amazing to know that there were two other freakin’ planets having the same fight. Sounds like the developers have a lot of love for the game and it continues to thrive even a few years later. I hope the PS4 release sparks a lot of interest from the console gamer audience

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