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Ha! Thanks a lot. As a console peasant, I’m already jealous seeing you all having fun in ESO, and now this just rubs salt in the wounds. :wink: Maybe one day…


Relevant :wink:


I feel like just a console peasant as well, as I don’t have access to my PC for the next couple months :confused:

I would totally be on ESO if that wasn’t the case


Yeah, you’re more like a knight, out on errands. I’m a true, down-in-the-muck pleb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t feel bad Burger. You guys arn’t missing ALL THE FUN WE ARE HAVING OMGTIMEOFMYLIFE. Whoops.

Do you have a stable enough connection for MKX online?


Yes! Made my morning.


We’ll find out when I get the game downloaded. I assume I will, since I played the BF Hardline Beta on full servers without really any lag.

I’ll be sure to update when I know.