Currently playing eso and in need of friend/group/community


So I was researching information On elder scrolls online when I happened to stumble across this site. I was immediately impressed and excited to be a part of it. I’m still pretty young. Ish. 25 years old and lacking of friends, especially my age, thus my gaming experiences has always been mostly solo. I’m a bit awkward at socializing sometimes, but its probably just my anxiety that does it. so im hoping to become part of this community. I’m respectful, and would love to contribute my fair share into this group if you guys will let me. Honestly I’m one of the most laid back, easy to get along with person if people just give me a chance, and “see beyond the cover.” I really don’t know what to type in this so if someone could come save me and start a conversation or something, I’d be very grateful. I hope to find some good friends here. Could really use them and definitely be a great friend back


Welcome to Strats @Chening333!! You are most welcome here and we are glad to have you! I know alot of our ESO players have moved on to other games but there are still a few that play @Rotaugen is our resident expert in that field…come check out our Discord server and say hello!! Monster Hunter World is the new favorite of the group right now as well as No Mans Sky…we play many other games as well so welcome! :strats_green:


Welcome to the party! @Droul hit the nail on the head; Strats began as an ESO guild many moons ago (though most of us are playing other games together), and @Rotaugen is for sure the resident expert. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to the party @Chening333! Feel free to grab a :beer: from the virtual cooler over yonder.

Do you just play ESO? Or are there any other titles that you run with?




I’ve been playing ESO since it started, and put up a beginning player guide in the Strats forum. They make changes in the game, but the basics stay the same. I’m on PC as @Rotaugen454

This is the link to the guide that is a bunch of stuff I wish I knew when I started.


HI Chening, I’m also new and playing ESO. New to Discord too but want to be able to talk instead of type. Would love to meet up and play. My discord name is #7862 or Loiann. I don’t know which you need.


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