Custom Streamer Assets by Vocino



Yo, I’m doing a thing for you fellow Strategists. I think I can do 1 set of streamer assets per week (possibly more if time allows). Generally, these will be done on Wednesdays. I may look into streaming the process live.

See below for details.

What you get

  • Profile avatar
  • Cover image for social sites
  • Twitch
    • Profile banner
    • Offline image
    • 5x panel titles
  • OBS
    • Overlay in 1080p & 720p
  • Hex codes of color scheme to be used on social sites

What you have to provide

  • Logo or image source of inspiration
  • Text requirements (like logotype or username)
  • Social profile usernames to be included (optional)

Getting on the list

  1. Visit my Facebook page and select Book Now (yes, this is required as I’m testing things)
  2. Reply to this thread stating that you’ve done so
  3. Check progress on the Trello board:


It’s first come-first served but you will be bumped via the following conditions (in order of priority):

  1. Strats Glorious Patrons
  2. Strats Regulars
  3. Team Strats streamers
  4. People streaming as Strategists
  5. All Strategists
  6. Normal people

In return

I’m not charging Strategists for this but it would be great if you’d throw a review on the Facebook page.

Samples on my Twitch page:

A Guide to Twitch Affiliation & Beyond

@Vocino also did my current avatar, Twitch banner and offline screen.

Pro status.


What a guy!


I booked now (well… booked in the past… if you know what I mean :wink: )

Still looking for a good angry taco image to use as the main template.


Hmm no Facebook account. Feelsbadman


Hmm sucks I can’t book as my Zharick pacge instead of my personal one


Would love to watch you stream the work!


I’ve started using a Trello board to track progress:

After the initial tests, I may lift the FB booking requirement as my need to dogfood that feature isn’t as critical now.


Colour me curious - this similar to “eating your own dog food”?


That’s exactly what it is. Sorry for the Silicon Valley speak :slight_smile:


Haha… don’t sweat it. The more Silicon Valley speak you use, the better I’ll understand what terms get used around my office.


@Derangedtaco what do you want as your 5 panel titles?


About, Schedule, Specs, Games and Support.


I didn’t see a book now option but if i may can i get in on this at some point when you have the time?


Added you:


@Vocino could I be added to the list for five Twitch panels, please? We never did those when initially creating my artwork.

I made a Trello account. Then I realized I maybe didn’t need to do that.


how far along are you brother? wasn’t sure if you had finished up on tacos and lyteforce yet


I followed your group, but was unable to find the “book now” button.


Crap, I should update this with new info. Will do @Poetent