Cyberpunk 2077 Hype Thread



I just noticed something else about the Amazon listing… no PC option?

If this game doesn’t release on PC at the same time as console I’m going to lose it.


No need to panic. This is right on the Cyberpunk 2077 website:



But what about the staggered release date? Like GTA style.

In other news, the most important new discovery:



For anyone who was on the fence about it, that’s the selling point right there.


I doubt it.


How will you allocate your stats?

I know @teh_ninjaneer is going 100% cool.

I’m guessing based on the style of play you’re looking for, different stat layouts will be important. We saw in the trailer there was a stealth component, sort of diplomacy (for lack of a better term), and run&gun. Maybe others.


The core Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook had nine roles (classes):

  • Cop - lawman
  • Corporate - multimillionaires
  • Fixer - smuggler
  • Media - reporter
  • Netrunner - hacker
  • Nomad - road warrior
  • Rockerboy - glam rocker who fights the power
  • Solo - assassin
  • Techie - mechanic
  • Med-Tech - doctor

2077 is supposed to let you “become” a class as you play the game. But I’m not sure if some of these core classes would really fit into a video game setting; particularly, Media, Rockerboy and maybe Corporate.

I personally never have liked the “build your own class” style of gaming. I guess that is the main reason why I don’t enjoy Elder Scrolls games.

But if I play this game I will try to build a Rockerboy and live the David Bowie life.


Oh yeah! I totally remember those. @teh_ninjaneer, do you still own the 2020 book? I can’t find mine. It’s probably in my grandmother’s attic.


The true cyberpunks: @Bradum, ?, @Auth, @Vocino, ?, @teh_ninjaneer


Agreed. Except I’m definitely the short one.


One Ticket for the Hype Train please!


Now that @tommy2118 is on the hype train, I think he’s 2nd from the right, what with being such a Shorty McSortface :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Auth I’m glad to see that you are still intimidated by my height. :slight_smile:


I think your phone autocorrected “perpetually amused by how short I am” to “intimidated by my height.”


I believe id like a ticket for this train…this game looks so cool…gonna start saving for it now! :slight_smile:



Hey everyone! Does anyone saw an art pic of Geralt and Ciri in the Cyberpunk setting? Just couldn’t find it to attach here. It was awesome.





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