DA 40% Off on PSN!

I just downloaded. So Mage/rogue/warrior???

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Depends lol, you doing nightmare mode or regular? And depends what you like!

Nightmare battle mage.

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Is nightmare gonna make me wanna break my controller?

I think Insanity in Mass Effect was just a fun challenge, although I only ever beat Insanity with a carryover character.

I’m not sure I have the fortitude for the platinum here either.

Dem price drops. Three months after release.

Yeah am I too late on this game (like someone who bought Destiny today for instance)?

Not at all. A little while ago there was a discussion about price drops on games around the 3-6 month mark. DA:I released on November 18, so this one nailed it.

Haha go normal, I went rogue and mage, I feel warriors are pretty fun though, more in control

Do Normal mode. Nightmare is no fun allowed mode. You can pick whatever makes you happy or prefer to play as! Don’t worry about having an unbalanced party, you get plenty of companions to fill roles you might need.

So only slightly off topic… Can anyone one up with a valid defense for the nonsense you have to put up with to digitally download a game on PS4? Full disclosure… I have three digital games now. But (compared to a disc):

  1. Takes up more space
  2. Takes much more time
  3. Costs the same (and $0 resale value)
  4. I just got an error message after beating the first boss in DA:I saying game wasn’t done downloading!

Ultimately, not having to switch discs will be nice, but the “500” GB hard drive (with like 300 GB free space) will need to go soon with each game taking up 40+ GB

Play in normal mode to start. (Nightmare mode is just that, trust me!)

My first play-through I streamed as a dual-wielding Rogue. Second time around I’m playing offline as a Mage. (Mage has more dialogue options.) Next time I’ll create a Warrior.

@Joey_Coz feels like my first post in years!

I went with Rogue Archer. I am also a Qunari so it looks absolutely ridiculous having such a massive frame of a body and basically fighting from cover.

I did the same thing lol

I have yet to buy a digital AAA title. I like having the discs, more importantly I like having the cases they come in.