DA: Inquisition and GTAV digital downloads are both more than 40GB

I want to start the download nowwwwwww!!!

So you’re absolutely getting a vita now, huh? :wink:

Better upgrade my internet…

I bought it today actually. It’s in-hand.


Nerf Armor highly-recommended for ergonomics :wink:

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I’m going to have to stick to physical copies of my PS4 games. My internet cannot handle that much downloading, and I think I have a GB cap?? AT&T sucks…

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I have AT&T U-verse and they have never enforced a limit on me. I’m assuming it’s because of the way data is sent. The TV signal shares bandwidth with the internet data (if everyone is watching HD TV then my download speeds suffer), so I’m not sure if they care to separate TV streams from Twitch streams.

When I was using the local cable service I don’t recall my internet bandwidth ever suffering due to watching TV. It was hard enough just keeping the service up, which is why I switched.

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@teh_ninjaneer To clarify, its not so much the bandwidth capping as it is the total amount of information we can acquire from them every month. Its actually kind of stupid, because i dont live in a rural area, but ISPs dont want to set up the hardware where I live.

I find it hard to believe that with as much HD TV we watch in this house, along with all the downloading and gaming I do, and the Pandora/Netflix streaming of my stepsons (no telling what all my wife is doing)… that we haven’t reached the supposed 250GB limit at least once in 2.5 years.

But I guess it is possible.

Netflix is about 1GB/hour.

yea, i think mine’s only 150 GB, and we hit that all the time…

Type this " netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid " in the command prompt and watch your neighbors WiFi come to life. I have not paid for internet in 7 years. Who uses 12345 as a password anyways? :smiley:


If it’s U-verse, we do, check it out.

Where do you other AT&T users live? I just logged into my account and it appears they don’t even keep track of my home internet usage. At least, I didn’t find where they display to me how much I’ve used, only for my phones.

I’m wondering if there is such a small amount of AT&T DSL and U-verse users in my small town that it gets swept under the rug.

Austin, TX

I live in southern California.

Yeah I’m in a small Alabama town, ~8,000 people. That’s 1% or less of your pop…