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Hiya, I’m Anya. I’m 100% a nerd and only here because of my friend @Screamowaffles
Hows it going?


Welcome! c:

Welcome to the Dark side sister. What games do you play?

Welcome aboard! With any luck we won’t have as many NAT issues with you as we do with @Screamowaffles :wink:

For PC:
Steam Game List

Origin Games:
Sims 3 & 4
Dragon Age Origins & DA II
Dead Space
Mass Effect Trilogy

Etc. (PC):
League of Legends

Pokemon X
Fantasy Life
Mario Kart 7
Animal Crossing: NL
Super Smash Bros.
Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
Fire Emblem: Awakening

That pretty much sums it up. There is a chance I will buy a PS4 in 2015, but until then I’m stuck with my PC and a dysfunctional 360.

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Hi Anya welcome to Strats! I’m not sure who has the more terrifying avatar, you or Waffles


Nice to see you daddy

Welcome to the super fun.

I was about to ask you if you had DA: Inquisition for PS4 but then I read your final note. Get on that so you can play multiplayer with us. It’s pretty fun.

PS4 is so expensive though~

But it’s worth it lol

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Gee guys way to pressure someone into a big purchase, on the first day even :stuck_out_tongue:

[Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!][1]

I’m also throwing a @PittInjury because I can and because this could happen to you too Pitt. :anger:

@Nubhugs WOW way out of left field, and on someone else’s intro post no less! Poor taste… :tophat:


;( I’m not a nasty nerd though. On a scale of DnD to MTG I’m about a Lvl. 80 Wizard


Wizards welcomed, especially at that level. All those spells…

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