Dallas Fuel Announce Release of Félix “xQc” Lengyel



In my opinion, I’m thinking “what took them so long?”


@Xaelyn and I were talking about this a bit last night. Honestly, since there are contract requirements for OWL, I bet the team has to eat the rest of his contract if nobody picks him up for this season, which would make a compelling argument to try and work with him for as long as possible, but he’s proven (IMO) that he intends to keep behaving as he always has, and I expect we won’t see him in OWL again.


Seems like he’s more interested in being a streamer than being an athlete. I think he’s going to find that it will become difficult to stay interesting as a streamer when you don’t have the Dallas Fuel and OWL controversies to help.

He may be the best tank in Overwatch right now and that’s great but as a streamer that’s very short sighted. The long term play would have been to stay in OWL, be an amazing athlete in esports, and parlay that fame into future investments.

I expect to see some of the original OWL players to have long careers and go one to lead businesses in esports or gaming. Where as I expect xQc to be a streamer for a while, pay his rent, then have to get a real job eventually.


Muma would like a word with you.


I’d be surprised if there wasn’t language on conduct or a “morals clause” that allows for the early termination of a contract. Mainstream sports contracts have that in spades.


While I 100% agree this kid shouldn’t be back in the league, I don’t technically agree with what @Vocino said. While the OWL is lucrative for the players, streaming for a couple individuals in the OW community is far better financially than being in the OWL. And extremely high level skill doesn’t necessarily even matter that much. Like, for instance. Aimbotcalvin. This kid is really coming up on Twitch right now and he’s pretty skilled, but the financial potential he has is quite high. The best example IMO, is timthetatman. He got hugely popular because of OW and I think at his peak he was Top 500 World or something. At this moment, his sub number is above 19,000 (19,219 https://twitchstats.net/subs/timthetatman).

Basically what I’m getting at is that some of these players don’t really NEED the league for their financial futures.


Maybe in the short term (assuming you are the top OW streamer and making ~$500k gross). In the long term though? I don’t know. Even at $500k gross as an independent contractor, you’re looking at around $250,000 in real world bankable cashflow. You have to believe that streaming Overwatch, as a bankable skill, will be worth $250,000/year as an on-going career.

By transitioning your priority from an OWL athlete to a streamer you are going from a very high (almost impossible, NBA-like) degree of entry to a zero degree of entry. This is because, like you said, you don’t even have to be that good to make it as a streamer. You just have to produce a more entertaining x hours of content. This will get more difficult as time goes on due to competition in the market and real publishers flowing in.

The upside of being the Alex Rodriguez of esports in terms of secondary career seems to be way higher and could carry you through your whole life.