Damn, no Zygor guide for Wildstar



I wasn’t a Zygor fan initially (if you’re not familiar, be a brosef and click this Zygor affiliate link) but after using it with ESO I kind of wish it was going to be available for Wildstar. Honestly, I went looking for it specifically because I thought it would be nice to jump in.

Anyway here’s their lengthy reply:

To be honest we tried the beta and weren’t really impressed with what we saw. It just didn’t seem to have the same level of quality found in WoW and ESO. Not saying we wouldn’t ever do a guide for it but the game would have to do really well and become popular in the mmo scene before we would look into it.

In addition to being guide creators we’re also huge gamers ourselves, so we do tend to have strong opinions about games. We’re always looking into new and upcoming games in order to figure out what direction to take Zygor in. This is just my own person opinion having tried the beta of Wildstar but at the time it lacked that certain magical “something” that makes WoW so fun and addicting. That isn’t to say the game won’t improve at all from beta to live release and if it does it might catch our interest.

The Elder Scrolls Online didn’t have this problem, even in beta. It felt really polished with great production values, animations, music, story, voice acting, you name it. It’s a great game and the strongest contender so far to steal the throne from WoW.


This guy is smoking some strong stuff. ESO to steal the throne from WoW. Magical WoW. If wildstar becomes popular?


LoL, he is likely mad that their in-game UI, combined with basic addons, does what his guide does…


Haha yeah I don’t know. I was just thinking it would have been nice to power level in a game like Wildstar in order to pvp and raid. Maybe that’s already in the UI though.


Towwelliee, a twitch streamer, was talking about several addons he uses that are VERY similar to what Zygor made.

I never caught the name of his addon but i’ll post his video in a new thread, he is sometimes very annoying to listen to but overall has some great information.


Use Reply as a new topic to the right of a post in here so it can be all nice and linked. But yeah I’m interested in learning more.


…wut. I like how they reference a game that’s been around/established for years from a huge company and a game with extremely polarized reviews/popularity.