DAMP Night on Strats! (2/13)

Friday Night is Dragon Age Multiplayer Night!

Just in time for each weekly multiplayer event in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Strats team would like to invite you to DAMP night, starting at 9 PM EST on Fridays!

We will have a PSN party going to help match people up in groups of four. You are welcome to stay in chat, or “have an ale with us when we return to the tavern.”

##This week’s Multiplayer event (2/13-16):
Agent Goal: Complete 5 matches on Threatening.
Inquisition Goal: Complete 16,000 matches on Threatening.

Agent Completion: Awarded a Commendation Chest.
Inquisition Goal: All agents awarded a Victory Chest.

We hope to see you on the battlefield!


I’m going to try to get my new office set up in time to join.

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I shall be here, Maker willing.

There’s also a free chest available when you log in to MP for the holiday weekend.

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I’m hoping to get on later tonight. Got hockey @ 9pm EST

I’ll give it a go!

Was a fun night last night guys, happy to see @spredhed make an appearance.

I’m the DAMPest

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I missed it last night. Will be hoping on around 12pm EST, or be on throughout tomorrow during the day.