DAMP & Perilous Night



Hey Folks,

Reminder that Friday is DAMP night. If we have enough high levels we’ll try some Perilous. Besides a good weapon with good rune, you also want to make sure to have your potion slots filled. Also don’t forget to upgrade your armor.

Some particularly good potions are jar o’ bees, healing mist, spirit resist is good if get Demon Commander. For rogues, mighty offense is good, lyrium for mages, the armor one is good for the tank, etc. The general ones should be coordinated before the mission so two can take jar o’ bees and 2 healing mist, etc.

Strats DAMP Night! (1/23): Spoils of War and a "Perilous" Challenge!

I’m probably not around tomorrow night as the gf is off her night shifts, and sometime this weekend we’re celebrating our 1 year. If I am on tomorrow night it’ll be late.


Thanks for heads up. And congrats!


I got work… again…


Why haven’t you quit yet?


Lol only way to do that is pay $400,000 or disappear.


No biggie. Right? What will your new name be?


Was thinking Aretoo Deetoo, I’ll be Asian.


I’ll chip in $5.