DAMP Perilous team PS4

Looking to make some MP perilous runs soon.

Would need lvl 18 or higher characters w around lvl 18 weapons or higher.

Preferred characters:

  • Tank(1?): Legionnaire or maybe Templar
  • rogue(1 or 2): archer or hunter…possibly assassin
  • Mage(2): any…preferably at least a keeper or elementalist w barrier

We don’t necessarily need a tank from what I gather but I have characters for just about any spot.

Let me know if interested and when good nights/times are.
Thinking around 9pm est, Wednesday and/or Friday and/or Saturday, but I’m flexible.

(gcaspers on PS4)

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I have an archer at level 20. He has the highest armor I can craft and a pretty good bow (although I do not think it is level 18. Can I upgrade the level with a gem?

I would say level 20 for this, and having a tank with taunts and crowd control would be amazing. You’re right on keeper or elementalist with barrier, preferal the upgraded version. Perilous takes legit teamwork and the comp of the group helps.

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I’m getting close with a lvl 17 elementalist, although I’m still using a staff I found around lvl 10 :frowning:

I think knowing your character, team comp and teamwork most important. LoS pulls and grouping up well, etc.

Some characters probably don’t need lvl18 weapons, especially if most their skills/damage is not based on weapon%. If it is heavily weapon dependent, then weapon dmg matters more than character lvl imo.

Definitely want a master or better rune. I’d say a lvl 16 unique would be better that a lvl 18 weapon so it’s somewhat relative.

I’ve got a 20 keeper for the job!

I’m definitely interested. I have been meaning to make this post. I have a good archer because of his weapon. Also a good Keeper and Reaver. Reaver seems really tough though.

Looks like definitely enough for 1 team and if not enough for a complete second, I’m sure we could work something out for helping a 2nd team.
I see 2-3 archers and/or keepers, I can tank or play a necro/ele. Drizz are you in?

To form up teams based on schedule possibly:
…What days/times that work best for you?

(also, I’m on most nights so just message me and I can help level some up in Threatening mode…I’ll probably be on Diablo mostly the next few days but don’t mind jumping back into the DAMP)

I can do any night after 6:30 PST. However, unfortunately I’ll be in London on the week of the 26th. I might bring my PS4 but I won’t be in a decent time zone.

Right now I’m in Idaho, and currently only have an 18 templar who’s skills are messed up. So when I get someone up to 20 who’s skills I like then yeah I’m in

So hopefully this Wednesday or Friday 9:30pm est:
Pitt on his Keeper
NVS_1 on Ele
spredhed on Archer
Vocino on Archer/keeper
me on Legonènaire if we a need tank otherwise I’ll dps

We can rotate or I’ll fill-in if someone can’t make…next week Drizz can jump in for Vocino maybe since he’ll be gone then.

It would be nice to get a few more for subs or preferably get a 2nd team going.


I need to level my legionarre he’s only 15 but I am interested as well.

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Sounds good to me, I’ll have to work on my alchemist.

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I’m good with either day. I want to remind you that DAMP night on Fridays at this time would be a perfect time to do it too!