DanceBurgerDance Absence

Hey all,

As you may have noticed, I’ve been away for a couple days now.

I’m back at home visiting with family for the holidays as you may have assumed.

In destiny, I did the nightfall and a couple raid parts solo on my Warlock, but nothing else. I also have all the gear I need to get to 32! Sword bearer for life! If anyone was wondering about our missed raid on Tuesday, we’ll have a makeup date asap whenever we can all get together for it Sunday or Monday probably. @spredhed @wxqie @proven @Edi_aces @nevosamara
When can you guys make it? 8 EST Sun / Mon? Different time? Let me know guys.
I still have yet to do all 3 weeklies, 2 nightfalls, and raid loot on 2/3 characters. Also, crota on my warlock, so look to be ready for that when I’m back!

On a side note I got DA:I as well, but have only played multiplayer as of yet. Looking forward to playing the rest of it!

Dance out!


@dynamible, you’re welcome to join in as well unless you’d like to flake out and challenge us to a race to beat crota again :stuck_out_tongue:

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II can help. II have two characters.

I can help if needed on Monday whenever this week since I am not working. Maybe I will even have a hunter ready to go by then

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I can do Sunday or Monday, either shouldn’t be a problem.

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I can help if need be.