Danger Incoming Hype! (Fallout 4)



Bethesda just tweeted this!

tweet tweet

I also discovered this! A COUNT DOWN!

Fallout 4 Trailer!

saw it on Cohh’s Stream…hype!


Oh. My. God.


But I just started GTA V on PC! Between that, ESO, Toontown Rewritten and EZRPG, I have a full plate. Then they have to add yet another of my favorites. I think it is a plot to see the effects of gaming overload on older guys.


Well, if they are announcing now that means you’ve probably got at least another year before it releases. And when it does release, IT’S FALLOUT 4 YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT!




Fallout 4: America Reborn.

It’s an MMO.



If this comes out as an MMO, my wife WILL end up divorcing me…


Is this just speculation? Because I did read somewhere about a court case where Bethesda sued the original developers of Fallout and won rights to make a Fallout MMO.


It was intended as a joke but I wouldn’t rule out a Fallout MMO now that Elder Scrolls has had one.

Edit - I see nothing that confirms Fallout 4. Just hints about something in the Fallout universe. Could even be Fallout Tactics sequel.


I really hope it’s not another MMO, why does everything have to be an MMO these days.


Life is an MMO, and I suck at it…


Bethesda, please.


So much hype!


OMFG, I just had a heart attack.


its semi-official now on Facebook.




I’m literally just sitting here watching this clock count down the last 15 min


So the countdown ended and it just switched to the static “Please Stand By” screen. Hoping something else happens soon.